The same thing is happening in Hollywood. To me, I mean. As a columnist friend put it a couple of months ago, “The voracious corps — Penske Media, Hollywood Reporter, TheWrap, Vulture, N.Y. Times and a few others — is trying to vacuum up every advertising penny in the sector and drive all competitors out.”

From “Introducing HE:(plus),” posted on 2.27.18: “Award-season ad revenue is finite, and over the last two or three years the big gobble guys have muscled their way into the banquet room like the Al Capone mob. They’ve been throwing their weight around and sucking up the oxygen and indirectly eating me (and others I could mention) alive, no lie.

“Plus the new whiz-kid agency buyers are, like their forebears of a decade ago, interested only in numbers and page-views, and not in HE’s sui generis cosmology as well as its longtime award-season selling point — not just numbers but the quality of industry eyeballs — the coolest directors, producers, screenwriters, Academy members, agency guys, ubers, early adopters, grumpy know-it-alls, etc.

“Hollywood Elsewhere has had a place at the table for almost 14 years now. We have the same friends and allies as everyone else (last year’s buyers included Fox Searchlight, big Fox, Amazon, Netflix, Roadside, CBS Films, Lionsgate, Paramount, A24, Sony Classics, Focus Features, Universal) but if it weren’t for the support of certain award-season strategists and certain top-rank directors and producers who’ve pushed for HE buys out of the goodness and advocacy of their hearts, things would be even rougher. It’s brutal out there.”