Make no mistake, don’t kid yourself — the billboard for Jason Bateman’s Bad Words is like a collossus of Rhodes in Hollywood, towering over all objects and living things. That was my honest impression as I drove down Cahuenga the other day.

I have this nagging feeling that six remotes aren’t enough. I think I need seven. (l. to r.) Time Warner cable station switcher, Sherwood Bluray remote (Region Two only), sound bar control and Apple TV remote, Samsung 60″ high-def remote, Oppo Bluray remote.

65mm digital scanner at Fotokem in Burbank, which I visited last Monday afternoon. With Deluxe soon to close Fotokem is about to become the only North American company that processes and digitizes 35mm, 65mm and IMAX film. There’s a similar outfit in Paris and another near Munich.