Tom Hanks will probably play Walt Disney in a making-of-Mary Poppins pic called Saving Mr. Banks, with Emma Thompson expected to play Poppins author P.L. Travers. Variety‘s Marc Graser is reporting that the Disney-based project, to be directed by John Lee Hancock, is “based on the true story of how Disney spent 14 years courting Travers for the film rights to the character,” who was played by Julie Andrews in the classic family flick.

The name in the title refers to a character who was played in the 38 year-old film by David Tomlinson. I have no recollection of the Banks character, but he was the cold and snooty paterfamilias of the Banks clan, and Mary Poppins’ employer. I also can’t remember who Tomlinson-the-actor was. (I had to look him up, and his face didn’t register.) On top of which Hanks will obviously wear a moustache throughout this film. These things in themselves spell possible trouble.

But if the script can somehow work in a reference to cryogenic freezing, I’ll be at least semi-placated.