After two and a half days, the Give Forward online fundraising drive to help Coming Soon‘s Ed Douglas fight Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia has raised $38,467.00 (as of 6 pm Pacific).

In a statement released today, Douglas thanked everyone and explained his situation. “I spoke with the doctors today and they have a diagnosis with plans to start chemotherapy tomorrow morning,” he wrote. “Basically I have Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, which is fairly rare. Of the 12 or 13 people currently in the unit at The James in Columbus, I’m the only one on the floor with this specific version of leukemia. But this is one of the top three leukemia-specializing hospitals in the country and I was super lucky to get into it.

“Those who found out about the fundraiser (on their own, I might add) were as shocked as I was. I’m just so lucky to have such great support, not only from all of you but also my family (my mother and sister are local), my amazing brother who flew to Vegas to get me, and my great friends, especially Mike Sampson, Mike Ryan and Jordan Hoffman who organized the fundraiser.

“Knowing that there’s a cushion of money has definitely helped ease my mind so I can just focus on getting better and getting back to NYC as soon as humanly possible.”