Mel Gibson “has been a very bad goy,” author and New Republic editor Leon Wieseltier has told N.Y. Times columnist Maureen Dowd. “It is really rich to behold Gibson asking Jews to behave like Christians. Has he forgotten how bellicose and wrathful and unforgiving we are? Why would a people who start all the wars make a peace? I have always wondered why people who believe that we control the world do not have more respect for us. Take that cop who arrested Gibson. Do you think it was a coincidence that he was a Jew? We have been following Gibson’s every move since he released that movie. The other night, when our uniformed brother spotted him bobbing and weaving in his star car, we saw an opportunity and we took it. Don’t blame us — it’s what Yahweh would do. When Officer Mee busted him, we all busted him.”