Oliver Stone is throwing together a third, extra-lengthy DVD of Alexander — 225 minutes, give or take — and Warner Home Video will put it out whenever….later this year, early ’07. Rope Of Silicon’s Laremy Legel posted this story about it 11 days ago, but I wasn’t paying attention. “”I’m doing a third version [of Alexander on DVD, not theatrical], Stone told Legel during a World Trade Center interview. “I’m going to do a Cecil B. DeMille/Oliver Stone three hour, forty-five minute thing. I’m going to go all out [and] put everything I like in the movie. He was a complicated man, it was a complicated story and it doesn’t hurt to make it longer and let people who loved the film and see it more and understand it more, I love working on it because I love the movie. I hope to have it done in two months, a month and a half and then it’s up to Warner. It will be a catalogue item. I don’t think they’ll go out and make a big thing of it.”