Hollywood Elsewhere will either (a) find a way to attend and cover Jon Stewart‘s Rally to Restore Sanity and Stephen Colbert‘s March To Keep Fear Alive (despite plans to attend the Tribeca Qatar Film Festival from 10.26 through 10.30) or (b) at least be there in spirit. The Stewart/Colbert event will happen on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, 10.30. Any mass-supported statement about how pathetic the hee-haw Teabag fatass fungus-on-their-toenails contingent is will be good for the soul, and a balm in the eye of history.

On top of which it’ll be cool to mix it up with tens of thousands of like-minded people. Plus I haven’t been down to Washington since the ’90s, and I know some journalists who live and work vthere, etc.

The only thing that gives pause is that a rally about “taking it down a notch for America” sounds an awful lot like an early 21st Century version of Richard Nixon‘s “Silent Majority” movement.

Early in his first administration (i.e., the late ’60s) President Nixon began enshrining the milquetoast middle-classers who, he said, were silent, modest, not demonstrating, and not shouting anti-Vietnam War slogans. The salt of the earth, the moderate backbone of the nation, etc. During last night’s Jon Stewart Show Stewart asked, “Why don’t we hear from the 70-80 percenters? [who don’t have extreme nutbag political views]?” He said that he wants his Sanity rally — “a million moderate march…a clarion call for rationality!” — to articulate a middle-class response to “the loud folks.”

So I don’t fancy myself as one of the new Silent Majority. I don’t like or want the linkage. I see myself as one who despises the pitchfork racist nutter selfish-idiotic-pig crowd…no offense. So I don’t want to take things down a notch. I want these people rounded up in trucks and incarcerated in green reeducation camps. I’m perfectly serious.