I’ve been relishing David Denby‘s film reviews for over 35 years, or since the late ’70s when he began reviewing for New York magazine. He began co-reviewing with Anthony Lane at The New Yorker in late ’98, and now, 14 years later, he’s been de-berthed of that responsibility. Lane will henceforth carry the whole load. Denby will stay on, banging out whatever New Yorker pieces come to mind and that’s fine, but why, I wonder, is he being…I don’t want to say “put out to semi-pasture” but he has been relieved of his big-dog status. Denby is only 71, which can be a kind of middle-aged period for some writers. There’s obviously a lot more in the tank. If I were Denby I’d launch my own site and review everything and anything. I’ll always love Denby’s writing — he always brings you into his realm. You feel as if you’ve watched the film with him and that he’s examined and re-examined things through to the bottom. He’s got to keep going and going — there’s no other option. Oh, and by the way? It’s allowable to note that Reese Witherspoon and original Wild author Cheryl Strayed are built differently, which they are.