Yesterday afternoon I pulled into the WeHo Gelson’s (Santa Monica & Kings Road) and hung a right and then a left. There were two idling cars in their parking spots, youngish women at both wheels, presumably looking to exit but opposite each other and apparently concerned about who should go first. So neither moved. An old guy behind me honked and yelled “c’mon!” Then the woman closest to me (late 20s, brunette, new car) lurched slightly backward and then stopped, apparently worried about not having enough room behind her. But she was fine — all she had to do was back up and then turn and go. She was obviously the churchmouse type so I reversed two or three feet to give her more space. The old guy didn’t like this and honked again. But the woman still sat there. She turned in her seat and looked at me. Another honk. I got out and walked over to her vehicle (the window was rolled down) and said, “Want some help? I can guide you out.” Woman: “Can you back up a bit?” Me: “I’ve already backed up and there’s a guy honking behind me. You’ve got plenty of room. You can do it…really.” She sighed and frowned and then VERY slowly began to back out. It took her a good two minutes so make it into the middle lane and leave. I could offer a gender generalization but I’d just get into trouble on Twitter again. But try to imagine a self-respecting dude causing a Gelson’s logjam like this.