The news about Lindsay Lohan intending to star in a Linda Lovelace biopic called Inferno is not some idle threat. The project, to be produced by The Killer Inside Me‘s Chris Hanley and directed by Matthew Wilder, will reportedly be officially “announced” at the Cannes Film festival. (With what — a billboard?)

So in addition to gathering a rep as a self-destructive burnout druggie who’s ruined her career, Lohan wants to portray a tragic oral sex queen. Brilliant career move! And classy! On everyone’s part! Let’s see….can’t be hired, heading down the tubes, an obit waiting to happen…I know, let’s hire her to simulate blowjobs and clean up in Asia and Russia and Eastern Europe!

The Inferno announcement means there are now two Lovelace projects, the other being a forthcoming drama from Howl‘s Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman and screenwriter Merritt Johnson.