Could there possibly be a more toxic symbol of the utter nowhereness of girlie America than the forthcoming Sex and the City 2 (Sony, 5.27)? What could have better inspired that jerkoff who tried to blow up Times Square the other day? Wallowing in the backwash of the Bernie Madoff and Goldman Sachs-styled profiteering that brought the U.S. to the brink of economic disaster, Carrie and the girls are glaring symbols of everything that was excessively rank about the pre-meltdown 21st Century economy.

If it weren’t for the sexual component there’d surely be a price on their heads. To me the visual import of this poster, which is starting to show up in NYC subways, is no different than, say, photos of naked obese winos defecating on the sidewalk. You think it’s just an HE thing? How then to explain this clip from a parody video on