Intriguing, effective trailer for Chris Nolan‘s Dunkirk (Warner Bros., 7.21.17). I’ve no clue if Winston Churchill appears in Nolan’s Dunkirk, but between this and Joe Wright‘s Darkest Hour, he’s going to be quite the historical fellow in ’17. (Gary Oldman plays the British statesman in Hour.) Wiki boilerplate: Filming took place in the same location as the real historical evacuation. Pic was shot on a combination of IMAX 65mm and 65mm film stock. Nolan reconditioned actual warships for the shoot, and reportedly spent $5 million on a vintage aircraft so as to attach it with IMAX cameras before crashing it on-screen. Avoiding the use of CGI, cardboard cut-out props of soldiers and military vehicles were employed to create the illusion of a large army.” Recorded: 700 private boats sailed from Ramsgate in England to Dunkirk in France between 5.26.40 and 6.4.40, helping to rescue more than 338,000 British and French trapped soldiers.