A wise and cultured cineaste friend (woman) and I were waiting in line before an Alamo Rental Car kiosk. Durango La Plata Airport. 11:20 am.

Cineaste Pally: How ya been?
HE: Just reading the Venice Film Festival raves for Marriage Story.
Cultured Cineaste Pally: I don’t know anything.
HE: Don’t wanna read the reviews?
Cultured Cineaste Pally: I don’t want to read what other people think.
HE: You can’t get away from it.
Cultured Cineaste Pally: Nope.
HE: You have to let it in.
Cultured Cineaste Pally: Naahh.
HE: Venice is the first wave. Okay, that’s what Owen Gleiberman and other critics are saying…fine. But Telluride is right after that. That’s who and what we are — second wavers. Immediately after Venice. And if Venice is wrong, if they over-gush, we straighten their asses out.
Cultured Cineaste Pally: Not doing that.
HE: Okay.