On the biography page of Holy Western Empire, the website apparently run by 89 year-old hatemonger and Holocaust Museum shooter James W. Von Brunn, it says that Von Brunn “holds a BachSci Journalism degree from a mid-Western university where he was president of SAE and played varsity football.”

Why is it that people of this bent always seem to have a penchant for bizarre secrecy, a liking for overripe adjectives and spelling and punctuation issues? “BachSci”? From “a” Midwestern university? There’s no hyphen between “mid” and “western.” I don’t think you capitalize “Commendation” or “Boat” following “PT.”

“During WWII [Von Brunn] served as PT-Boat captain, Lt. USNR, receiving a Commendation and four battle stars. For twenty years he was an advertising executive and film-producer in New York City. He is a member of Mensa, the high-IQ society.

“In 1981 Von Brunn attempted to place the treasonous Federal Reserve Board of Governors under legal, non-violent, citizens arrest. He was tried in a Washington, D.C. Superior Court; convicted by a Negro jury, Jew/Negro attorneys, and sentenced to prison for eleven years by a Jew judge. A Jew/Negro/White Court of Appeals denied his appeal. He served 6.5 years in federal prison.

“He is now an artist” — an artist! — “and author and lives on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.”