Today a photo and a transcription of a 2.9.60 fan letter written by Stanley Kubrick to Ingmar Bergman (i.e., while Kubrick was working on Spartacus, as indicated by the Universal-International letterhead stationery) was posted.

Question: Can anyone imagine a reputable director today writing such a letter to Zack Snyder? If so, could they imaginatively compose such a letter themselves and send it along?

“Dear Mr. Snyder: I should like to offer my praise and gratitude as a fellow director for the unearthly and brilliant contribution you have made to the art of opening-credit sequences. The opening-title portions for Sucker Punch, 300, Watchmen and Dawn of the Dead were truly thrilling. Seriously — I’m not being facetious. Trust me when I say that I am literally breathless with anticipation for the Man of Steel credit sequence. Your vision of what credit sequences can be has moved me deeply, much more deeply than I have ever been moved by any films,” etc.