Mark Raso’s Kodachrome, a road-trip dramedy, reunites an acclaimed, dying photojournalist (Ed Harris) with his estranged, record company executive son (Jason Sudeikis) as they journey across the American heartland.

“Shot on 35mm, and full of odes to the greatness of analog technology, Kodachrome isn’t nearly as cranky as it sounds, and thanks to likable performances from Sudeikis, Harris and Elizabeth Olsen, it’s an entirely watchable if entirely by-the-numbers throwback to the sweet-and-sour Sundance-style indie films of yore. But there’s a blurry boundary between ‘vintage’ and simply ‘passé,’ and Kodachrome is too often caught on the wrong side of that line.” — from Andrew Barker‘s Variety review, posted on 9.8.17.

I’d see this if I knew that Olsen’s character doesn’t wind up boinking Sudeikis or, better yet, doesn’t do Sudeikis at all but shows Harris a little third-act mercy because he’s dying of liver cancer. Or she does them both — how about that? Anything unusual would suffice.

Costarring Bruce Greenwood, Wendy Crewson and Dennis Haysbert. Premiering on Netflix on 4.20.