A Daily Kos report by Laura Clawson about Hillary Clinton’s “Eghazi” press conference, which was held a few hours ago at the United Nations, says that Clinton’s explanation will probably wash at the end of the day. Some have written that Clinton seemed to be lying when she said “I opted for convenience to use my personal account, which was allowed…looking back, it would have been better had I used a second email account and carried a second phone,” but who cares? “Public interest in the story is already low,” Clawson wrote, adding that Clinton’s explanation “feels like an effective performance.”

Can I mention something that will engage the public sooner or later, and which will almost certainly be a factor when people decide whether or not to vote for Hillary during the 2016 Presidential election? A person running for elective office always wants to look rested and robust. A candidate certainly doesn’t want to appear haggard. I’m probably going to get Twitter-bombed for saying this but I think Hillary should probably do something about the bags under her eyes. I just look at her these days and go “wow, she looks drawn to a fine edge” or, you know, “she’s seen better days.”

I don’t need to remind that appearances are seen as metaphors or, if you will, reflections of a person’s health, be it physical or spiritual. People in the spotlight are routinely expected to look younger than their years. You can’t go around looking like an overworked accountant who doesn’t work out. I just think Hillary should try and roll the clock back, very subtly, to where she was during the ’08 campaign. (The below video is four or five years old.) It also wouldn’t hurt to shed a few pounds.