All the MCN Gurus of Gold except for Sasha Stone and Emanuel Levy are now predicting that The Kings Speech will beat The Social Network for the Best Picture Oscar. Where, I ask, are the men of backbone on this panel? They know damn well which film is the more dazzling and audacious and still they bend over. Capitulators! Conventional wisdom followers! Zeligs!

I truly admire and respect The King’s Speech, I do…it’s a very well made film, and true to itself above all. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are close to perfect, and director Tom Hooper knew exactly how to get the most out of the material. But The King’s Speech has never made me feel aroused and dazzled and delighted like The Social Network has, and it never will. Be honest. It’s about comfort and tradition and respectablity and hugs. It’s the Best Picture of 1993.