Yesterday afternoon Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone and I recorded Oscar Poker #7 with guest Tom O’Neil, owner/editor of the recently relaunched, and‘s Phil Contrino. Here’s a straight link sans iTunes.

Our topics included a discussion of the likeliest Best Director nominees, the weekend’s box office (including the under-performing of For Colored Girls), the return of, and further discussions of Morning Glory and Rachel McAdams. There’s also an intriguing O’Neil riff on the growing importance of Hollywood bloggers.

Someone (Sasha or iTunes) has tagged the podcast as explicit because (a) I said the word “bumblefuck” and (b) Sasha said “give me a fucking break.” Is that fair?

I recorded my end from the Paramount/Morning Glory hospitality room on the 29th floor of the Waldorf Astoria hotel. Thanks, Paramount publicists! But there was a lot of spirited chitter-chatter due to a farewell party for a Paramount staffer with champagne and the consumption of cupcakes and whatnot, so I created a kind of tent by putting my big gray overcoat over my head in order to muffle ambient sound. But again, the Paramount people were great.