I didn’t know Ed Limato, the admired ICM, William Morris, ICM and finally WME talent agent who’d had emphysema for a long while, and who slipped away earlier today. Limato apparently wasn’t one to consider, much less invite or nurture, relationships with journalists. But like everyone else I knew his rep as a classy, elegant fellow. Here are tributes by (a) WME story editor Christopher Lockhart, and (b) Indiewire‘s Anne Thompson.

“Limato was old-school,” Thompson writes. “He was courtly, well-mannered, well-spoken, charming. He was blind-sided when Michelle Pfeiffer left him for CAA, but took her departure gently, told her that he understood and that if she changed her mind, he would welcome her back with open arms, no questions asked. He cared. He fussed. He threw tantrums. He apologized. He was not a Sammy Glick. In fact, he was himself — not one of those faceless foot soldiers that have come to populate the streets of Wilshire Boulevard.”