Who doesn’t love the voice and attitude of the great Sam Elliott? I’ll tell you who doesn’t like his voice and attitude — the Netflix guys!

The Power of the Dog dissing (“That piece of shit?”) starts at 1:04:20. Elliott does say that Jane Campion is “a brilliant director…I love her work…[her] previous work,” but otherwise, this is pure disdain.

Elliott #1: “I didn’t like it anyway, but I looked at it down in Texas when I was doing 1883…there was a fuckin’ full page ad out in the L.A. Times…it talked about the evisceration of the American myth…”

Elliott #2: “Cumberbatch never got out of his fuckin’ chaps. He had two pairs…a woolly pair and a leather pair, and every fuckin’ time he’d walk in from somewhere, he’d walk into the fuckin’ house, storm up the fuckin’ stairs, go lay on his bed in his chaps and pull out his banjo. And I said ‘what the fuck…what…the…fuck? Where’s the western in this western?’ I take it personal. I take it fuckin’ personal.”