Hats off to Arnold Schwarzenegger for assessing the current situation and expressing at just the right pitch.

My only reservation concerns the musical score. Aside from the questionable decision to use music at all, it’s too pronounced, too pushy. It’s almost as if Chris Nolan and his Tenet team mixed it. I was reminded of Marc Shaiman‘s patriotic uplift music when Michael Douglas delivers his big cathartic speech at the end of Rob Reiner and Aaron Sorkin‘s The American President (’95). Ditto the scoring of Anthony Hopkinscourtroom speech near the end of Amistad.

That said, Schwarzenegger comparing the 1.6.21 Capitol Hill riot with “Kristallnacht“, or the Night of Broken Glass, is dead on, especially when he recalls memories of the disruptive actions of his Nazi-supporting alcoholic father, Gustav. Key quote: “I know where such lies lead.”