Elvis Mitchell interviews Lawrence Fishburne in front of large crowd at Brenden Cinemas #13 in concert with Fishburne receiving the Cinevegas Half-Life Award — Monday, 6.12.06, 8:20 to 9:05 pm.

(a) Anyone who says they prefer coming to Las Vegas and taking in fake atmosphere crap like this instead of experiencing the real thing in Venice, Italy, or Paris, France, has a serious problem — Monday, 6.12.06, 9:40 pm; (b) Oversized Bellagio Bell sitting in a cavernous passageway between one of the many visual-climax stations inside L.V.’s Bellagio hotel, which is so massive and sprawling (it’s a five-football-field walk from one point of interest to another) that it makes you feel like a powerless ant — Monday, 6.12.06, 9:05 pm; (c) Bellagio Fountain show — Monday, 6.12.06, 9:15 pm; (d) Bellagio view #1; (e) Bellagio view #2; (f) Bellagio view #3.