By the rules of our electoral college system (i.e., not by the popular vote), Donald Trump was legitimately elected as the nation’s president on 11.8. But his cabinet nominees so far, a rogue’s gallery of repealers, deniers and roll-backers, are an echo of the hard-line Communist apparatchik attitude behind the 1991 coup d’etat in the Soviet Union — a severe pushback against the moderately liberal reforms of the Gorbachev era (glasnost). The forthcoming Trump program represents the last dying power grab of the white, nationalist, corporate-centric right — anti-liberal, Republican, climate-change-denying, xenophobic, obstinate, polluting, racist, odious. A current list of Trump’s proposed cabinet members seems nothing short of ghastly to anyone with a vaguely humanist, semi-progressive attitude. The latest blood-drainer is Health and Human Services nominee Tom Price, a six-term, arch-conservative Georgia congressman who apparently intends to repeal or significantly gut the Affordable Care Act. These are the dark times. The earth is weeping, in shock. Every day brings a new permutation of the nightmare.