Whenever I’m driving slowly (in a parking lot, say) and I see a soda can, I always flatten it. This isn’t horrifically difficult, but it’s not easy either. It takes a deft touch, a certain instinct. But a good driver can do it every time, and always the first time. If you know your car you just know.

I’m mentioning this because (a) I flattened a can earlier this evening, and (b) I was reminded on my way home how some drivers (women especially) will clench up and take forever when faced with the slightest challenge, like driving through a tight spot between two cars or parallel parking or whatever. It’s like following a 15 year-old who’s just learning to drive.

Either you’ve let the Zen of driving into your system or you haven’t. There’s no third way. The ghost of Steve McQueen and the very-much-alive Ryan Gosling know all about this.