Columbia Pictures hasn’t yet put an offer on the table for Vince Vaughn to play heroic FBI guy John O’Neill in Paul Haggis ‘s film version of Against All Enemies, but Vaughn has been reportedly been talking to Haggis about doing it. And a story about this not yet solidified situation was fed to the Hollywood Reporter for what purpose, and with what motive? Vaughn’s O’Neill is a likable supporting character — a good hombre who gets the terrorism picture as clearly as the hero, Richard Clarke (who will apparently beplayed by Sean Penn) does. I’ve read a draft of the script as it existed before Haggis began his “supervisory” rewrite with original screenwriter James Vanderbilt, and I ran a review of it on 3.20, and I can tell you that O’Neill turns up on page 67 and exits on page 123. Tatiana Siegel‘s THR piece says no offer has been made to Vaughn because Columbia Pictures is “fine-tuning the film’s budget.” What is that, a euphemism for “hemming and hawing”, as in “this project scares us…we’re not sure what we should do…if it fails it’ll reflect badly on us…should we wait and see what World Trade Center makes the first weekend before we greenlight it?”