HE readers may have noticed over the past several hours that the software allowing comments to be posted at the tail end of each item or article has been disabled. This is the intended deliberate doing of Lunar Pages, HE’s web server out of La Habra, California. Of course, they didn’t think to notify me of the problem (whatever it is) by e-mail as it happened. Naturally I’ve written them about this problem and marked it “triple urgent”, but they sometimes take 24 to 48 hours to respond to e-mails. And of course, they don’t have anyone answering phones at their office after 5 pm Pacific. I don’t have a dedicated line with Lunar Pages, which is the biggest and most secure server they offer, but I pay a somewhat sizable fee for the largest shared server plan you can get from them. All I can tell you is, they’re not reliable and when things go wrong they are always slow as molasses to respond.