This morning Daily Beast correspondent Marlow Stern posted surreptitious footage from yesterday’s ComicCon trailer to Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds‘ forthcoming Marvel superhero flick Deadpool (20th Century Fox, 2.12.16). It would be nice for Reynolds to be in something that either makes money or which critics like. Or both. But in my realm this is mainly cause for more lethargy. Would it do any good to once again suggest that superhero movies are a kind of cultural virus — a metaphor for mass feelings of weakness and insufficiency against the tumbling tides of oppressive corporatism? Empowerment fantasies that, ironically, corporations are getting rich off by selling them right back to the chumps? Why support quixotic quests like Bernie Sanders‘ campaign when you can plop down at a megaplex and watch Deadpool? On top of which this long-stalled event flick contains R-rated dialogue…breakthrough!