Speaking as an early spotter of potential in Ed Zwick‘s Love and Other Drugs, this second trailer — spritzy, tearful, button-pushing — has made me turn around and say, “Whoa, chill down…enough.”

It’s the sad but apparently necessary task of all trailers these days to project a kind of dumbed-down essence of the movie they’re selling in order to attract the Jersey Shore crowd. This trailer does that, fine, mission accomplished …now ease up. Because the comments I’ve been reading suggest it’s more than just another effin’ rom-com.

Next month Fox needs to release a trailer that’s a little calmer, less “funny,” more natural-seeming. If LAOD has the real goods, don’t trivialize it by appealing only to the ADD Whitney Matheson crowd. The mentality that Matheson appeals to is the lowest form of intellectual and spiritual life there is….God!