Samuel L. Jackson having the time of his life during yesterday’s Snakes on a Plane presentation in Hall H at Comic-Con, about five minutes before an Animal Planet fan asked if Jackson thinks that the snakes in the film really deserved to die, to which Jackson replied, “Hell, yeah, they deserve to die!…and I hope they burn in hell!” — 7.21.06, 6:40 pm.

(a) Big Comic-Con crowd exiting San Diego Convention Center following end-of-the-day Snakes on a Plane presentation — Friday, 7.21.06, 7:10 pm; (b) Edward Speleers , 18 year-old star of 20th Century Fox’s Eragon (12.15), answering questions during 20th Century Fox’s Comic-Con presentation early Friday afternoon — 7.21.06, 2:20 pm; (c) The Fountain director-writer Darren Aronofsky (l.) and the film’s composer Clint Mansell (r.) at small party following Fountain screening at Pacific plex on San Diego’s Fifth Street — Friday, 7.21.06, 11:05 pm; (d) Two Superman directors — Richard Donner and Bryan Singer — during Warner Bros. ComicCon presentation — Friday, 7.21.06; (3) Warner Bros. feature publicity exec Orna Zadeh (l.) and friend/colleague at Friday night’s Fountain after-party — 7.21.06, 11:15 pm; (4) Snake cake inside New Line headquarters at San Diego Convention Center — Friday, 7.21.06, 5:20 pm; (5) The Reaping star Hilary Swank (l.), costar AnnaSophia Robb (not a typo — the first name is “AnnaSophia”) and director Stephen Hopkins during Warner Bros. presentation at Hall H for Comic-Con — Friday, 7.21.06; (g) Snake-wrangler for Snakes on a Plane shows off 250-pound Anaconda to Comic-Con crowd during New Line/Snakes presentation — Friday, 7.21.06, 6:20 pm.