Okay, I’ll roll with the $40 million weekend projection for Evan Almighty, but I say again it hasn’t been tracking all that fantabulously. By this I mean pretty well, but not necessarily big enough to indicate a slight or decent profit. Not for a movie that cost over $200 million and is costing the usual-usual to market.
Okay, the numbers have been climbing somewhat this week, and if those Christian families show up…aaah, leave it alone. Evan Almighty is the big media beat-up movie of the moment, but its first-weekend fate is in God’s hands now. I know it’ll fall big-time when Ratatouille comes out on 6.29.
I couldn’t make last night’s 7 pm screening due to being at Todd McCarthy‘s Book Soup book signing for Fast Women: The legendary Ladies of Racing, so I should really leave it alone and just pay to see it on Friday and suffer along with everyone else, like a good citizen.