About six hours ago I dropped by this morning’s Four Seasons press conference for Baltasar Kormakur‘s Everest (Universal, 9.25), which will open the Venice Film Festival next Wednesday (9.2). I can’t say anything until then but it was a good thing to attend. I can say this without tipping my hand: The major studios have been out of the business of making gripping thrillers that actually adhere to the laws of physics and other natural-world constraints. You know…gravity, adverse weather, getting tired, etc. Superhero, fantasy, comic-book, James Bond, Jason Bourne and Mission: Impossible movies have made a point of ignoring that stuff to death. It theoretically follows that it would seem like a huge shock to run into a film that actually respects the rules of nature and plausibility and takes your breath away all the same. Right? That would be a helluva thing if a movie did that. Theoretically, I mean.

Everest costar Emily Watson, director Baltasar Kormakur at this morning’s Four Seasons press conference. One addresses Kormakur as “Balt.”

John Hawkes, Jake Gyllkenhaal.

Josh Brolin, Michael Kelly.

The gang minus Kelly.

Watson, Kormakur, Jason Clarke.