Sam Newfield‘s The Lost Continent (’51) is a disposable low-budget dinosaur movie with some of the most inept miniature effects shots you’ve ever seen in your life. It costars Cesar Romero, Hillary Brooke, Chick Chandler, Sid Melton, Hugh Beaumont (Leave It To Beaver‘s mellow, laid-back dad) and John Hoyt. But it has one stunning shot — just one! — that I’ve never forgotten since seeing this stupid thing on…what was it, “Mystery Science Theatre 3000” 20 or 25 years ago? It’s a shot of poor Whit Bissell falling backwards off a rocky cliff and his body disappearing through a cloud bank. The shot comes at precisely the 49- or 50-second mark in the trailer. It says something for the super-prolific Newfield (who directed over 250 features from the ’20s through the late ’50s) that he at least delivered one penetrating moment in an otherwise mediocre film.