Everything is either down or mezzo-mezzo at the box-office this weekend. 16 Blocks, the Bruce Willis cop thriller from director Richard Donner, will come in second to Madea’s Family Reunion , which is down about 58% and will probably end up with about $12 million on Sunday night. 16 Blocks is being projected to earn just over $11 million for the weekend, and that means Willis isn’t bringing them in like he did in the late ’80s and early ’90s and is basically over the hill. (Sorry, but that’s the reality right now.) “He made a string of lousy pictures, and when you do that it’s almost impossible to resurrect your career,” a marekting veteran said this morning. “Unless he gets lucky with something phenomenal it’s Burt Reynolds time from here on…he’s basically worn out his welcome.” Other weekend projections: Eight Below, $9.5 million. Ultraviolet , $8.5 million. David Chappelle’s Block Party, $7.3 million. The Pink Panther, $6.7 million. Aquamarine , $6.6 million. Date Movie, $5 million.
Curious George, $4 million. Firewall, 3.6 million.