“I’m kinda shocked that you’re drinking the Crash kool aid. Doesn’t the film that wins almost all the critics awards, the top Golden Globe prize, all the main Category Guild Awards (except SAG), makes the most money and gets the most nominations…doesn’t that film usually win Best Picture? Crash won the SAG cast award but it’s an ensemble and ensembles usually win — Sideways , Gosford Park, Traffic and The Full Monty all won the SAG cast award but they didn’t win Best Picture. If they really give the Big Trophy to Crash I think there’s going to be a huge backlash against the Academy for the homophobia that obviously led to this call. At the end of the day Crash, though a decent film, is basically a souped-up Lifetime TV movie.” — Randy Byrd. Wells reply: What kool-aid? All I said is that I don’t know what’s happening but that all the pulsetakers are getting signals or picking up insect antennae vibrations that Crash may win the Best Picture Oscar.