“It is easy to appreciate Anna Faris: a cult is forming around her. It is less easy to shed the slightly moralistic hand-wringing that accompanies much of the acclaim she has received – the idea that she is wasting her talent on bad projects; that her collaborators should recognize her skill set and exploit it; and that serious fans are only ‘mucking about’ in bad movies for the certain redemptive quality that her great turns bring to these (largely) unworthy titles.” — from a Zachary Campbell piece on rouge.com.

This columnist will never get on the Anna Faris cult bandwagon until she starts appearing in better films, which it to say work with better people. If Alfonso Cuaron, Bennett Miller or Alexander Payne use her one day, great…then I’ll pay attention. But I’m 90% sure it’ll never happen. Because she seems to be no more than a quarter-inch deep.