The defiant insanity and racial resentments that Donald Trump tapped into and exploited like some diseased reptilian con man will continue to fester and reverberate for years. A flat-out traitor and sociopathic crime boss, the man needs to be tried and convicted and do serious time in an orange jump suit.

How did this bloated sociopath eek out an electoral college victory in 2016? Because (a) a serious percentage of average Americans (especially older males) wanted something more than just the same old moderately bureaucratic, modestly measured government policies that, they believed, were stacked against them and favoring POCs, (b) too many middle Americans hated Hillary Clinton and too many liberals resented how the DNC Hillary cabal played dirty pool with Bernie Sanders and his supporters, and (c) your smugly under-educated, dad-jean-wearing, American working-class types (partly repped by the rural white-trashers who stormed the Capitol on 1.6.21) liked what Trump was saying — “Time to get greedy again, fuck the environment, stop fretting about the greater good and raise the white-guy flag.”