Criterion Collection president Peter Becker has explained the slight Che delay (i.e., coming out in January ’10 rather than two months hence). The Che Bluray/DVD “is coming, and as you can imagine there’s a wealth of great content getting developed,” Becker says.

“We wanted to be ready for December, but Steven Soderbergh needed time to reconstruct some deleted scenes, and we were also able, in what we think is going to be a controversial coup, to persuade Che Guevara biographer Jon Lee Anderson to do commentaries on both films, but he also needed more time to prepare.

“In short, it became clear that if we delayed the release a month we would be able to make a much better set. That’s a trade we will always make, even if it means we don’t get the benefit of sales in the holiday season, and we think that’s the kind of

decision our collectors would want us to make.”

Okay — I’ll buy that.