Okay, so the Weinstein Co. is still screening Factory Girl this week after all — today (Thursday, 12.7.06, 2:00 pm at Dolby 88 Screening Room) and Friday (1:00 pm at same location)…even though it doesn’t matter as far as next Monday’s New York Film Critics Circle voting is concerned because the film isn’t opening in NYC on 12.29.
A Manhattan journalist is saying my chronology in yesterday’s item was off: “What happened is that when the Factory Girl screening notice went out it stated that the film was only opening in Los Angeles, [and then] several NYFCC members pointed out that it was thus ineligble for our awards. That’s when they pulled the plug on the NYC screenings.”
So Weinstein Co. staffers didn’t realize their decision to not book Factory Girl into Manhattan theatres on 12.29 (they’re apparently looking to open it here in early February instead) disqualified it from NYFCC consideration? They were clueless about this until certain NYC critic-journos pointed this out?