Failure to Launch, a Paramount piece-of-shit comedy co-starring a ferocious fanged chipmunk, a vicious mockingbird, a Jaws-like dolphin and one of the most stupendously vapid actors in Hollywood history, took in an astonishing $24.6 million in 3057 theatres…imagine the tens of thousands of folks who paid money to see this only to come out of theatres with faces like “buckets of cold piss” (stealing again from Norman Mailer). Tim Allen’s The Shaggy Dog (Buena Vista) grabbed $16 million in 3501 situations…and if I’m close to dying from boredom I might watch it on a plane someday….maybe. The Hills Have Eyes (Fox Searchlight) nabbed $15.5 million in 2620 theatres. 16 Blocks (Warner Bros.) earned $7.3 million in 2,706 situations. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion (Lions Gate) did $5.8 million in 1812 situations with a $55.8 million cume.