“So Paul Haggis says Will & Grace signals acceptance of gays by Hollywood, eh? The show has spent nearly a decade with the lead gay male leading a virtually sexless, even kiss-free (until very recently) life with an amazing amount of plot devices utilized to keep him single and chaste, while every other character leads sex- and marriage-filled lives, primarily Grace who’s regularly been shown in bed with men, while Jack, the brainless and effeminate (read: non-threatening) supporting character has numerous dates and conquests that are always off-camera. More telling is the NBC promo department’s eight-year streak of just releasing cast photos (bus and magazine ads, etc.) of the four leads in a strict ‘boy-girl-boy-girl’ formation. Just try to find a print ad with WIll standing next to Jack. From the pictures, you’d think it was a show about two happy straight couples.” — Joe Branham , Oak Park, Illinois.