There’s a bit of an Invictus screening issue hanging in the air as we speak, having to do with fairness between the coasts. The Left Coast blogging crew saw Clint Eastwood‘s latest directorial effort — an inspirational Nelson Mandela rugby movie with Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon — on the Warner Bros. lot two or three days ago. They were told absolutely no reviews or Twitterings until Monday, 11.30. The film opens on Friday, 12.11.

The New Yorkers haven’t seen it yet, and the only locked-down Manhattan screening I’ve been told about is happening on Tuesday, 12.1. There’s also been a mention of a screening here after the Thanksgiving holiday, which could technically mean on Friday the 27th or Saturday the 28th. But when people say “after the holiday” they usually mean “after the holiday weekend.” If this is the case then the Manhattanites won’t be able to see it until Monday at the earliest which means the L.A. onliners will have the first word. (And you know some will jump the gun and go on Sunday night, 11.29…right?)

So in the interest of even-handedness it would be nice if the “after the holiday” NY showings meant 11.27 or 11.28.