Michael B. Jordan plays Charles Monroe King, a young, happily-in-love military guy serving in the Middle East who writes a journal of his experience for his son, Jordan. That’s two Jordans — actor Jordan + infant son Jordan.

But the instant that Jordan, the 34 year-old movie star, stands up buff and bare-chested, you’re going “wait, wait…who’s built like this? How much did he pay his trainer?”

Based on Dana Canedy‘s “A Journal for Jordan: A Story of Love and Honor,” the forthcoming Sony release — directed by Denzel Washington, written by Virgil Williams — opens on 12.10.21.

It’s fairly obvious what the film is about, what the main current is.

Maura Shea (Amazon, 3.17.21): “Dana Canedy is a special writer who delivers a heart-warming book published after her partner’s death in the Middle East. A writer at the New York Times, Dana got her partner and the father of her infant son to write a journal. Little did they know this would become the greatest keepsake ever for their son Jordan.

“As a seasoned journalist with an eye for detail, Dana writes this unflinchingly and with little sentimentality. This is currently being made into a movie by Denzel Washington with Michael B. Jordan playing the lead role. We forget there are soldiers still making these sacrifices while we go about our daily business. Thank you Dana and Jordan for sharing this intimate story. Condolences.”

Soldiers don’t “sacrifice” themselves, they don’t “give” their lives so we can all be free. What happens is that shit happens, and they get killed. Their number comes up, a bullet or a grenade sneaks around the corner, and that’s all she wrote.