I get it. I know why the mostly female audience (literally young or young at heart) is expected to flock big-time to Twilight (Summit, 11.21). It’s because they’ve read Stephenie Meyers‘ books (or book) and they basically expect the film to be Wuthering Heights with fangs. Fine — no problem with that.

And I know for sure that the vast majority of this audience doesn’t care very much about Meyers’ Mormon background. And that fans who are aware of this probably haven’t noticed (or cared to notice) what themes or metaphors in the books and the film express some aspect of Mormon culture.

But once the film is finally screened for people like me (which will be…what, two days before it opens?) and once it opens commercially, I’d like to read a concise and knowledgable piece that explains it all without going on and on. The Mormon Undercurrents in Twilight for Dummies. I’m not looking to bash the film because of any possible Mormon tissue within. Like I said, most of the fans don’t know or care about the undercurrents, and I have other fish to fry.

But if there’s any kind of theological Mormon presence in Twilight, I’d like to clearly understand what it is. Even if there’s just a faint aroma, I’d like to sniff it with forearmed knowledge.