The Trailers From Hell guys are to blame for this post. Yesterday they put up a featured link for a grade-Z 1972 Italian exploitation sleaze-flick called Amuck (nudity, sex scenes, sadism, murder). After watching 20 or 30 seconds I was about to click off when I noticed that poor Farley Granger (Strangers on a Train, They Live By Night, Rope) had a lead role. Granger and his longtime boyfriend Robert Calhoun moved to Rome in the early ’70s for the work and whatnot, but to have once been at the very peak of your profession only to wind up accepting icky exploitation gigs as your drawing power fades…the humiliation! Many actors who’ve fallen on lean times have gone this route. Thank fortune that Granger rebounded on the Broadway stage in the late ’70s and ’80s (The Seagull, The Crucible, The Glass Menagerie, Deathtrap, The King and I, A Month in the Country). In 1986 he won an Obie Award for his performance in the Lanford Wilson play Talley & Son. Granger died on 3.27.11 at age 85.