Jeffrey Wells to Twitter Banshee Comintern: Please accept my humble apology for having written that a reportedly sober and recovering Devin Faraci deserved a second chance. I had read Tim League‘s letter about the former Birth.Movies.Death editor/columnist having embraced sobriety and presumably begun a healthier, less ferocious way of life. I’m not going to get into the beefs that many have had with Devin, but as one who felt cleaner, steadier and more open-hearted after embracing sobriety on 3.20.12, it seemed like a decent thing to say “okay, Faraci’s turning a corner, give him a break, allow him to become a better person.”

I’m very sorry for having said that. I should have bonded with the salivating wolves and said, “No, send him to hell….banish Faraci forever, kill his soul, exterminate his being, make him work as a cab driver or supermarket manager for the rest of his life.” I should have said that but I was too weak. I would love to possess the judgmental fibre of those fine people who’ve succeeded in changing League’s mind and persuading him to boot Faraci once and for all, but I haven’t found a way to do that yet. Help me, God….help me find the way.