A colleague has responded to yesterday’s post about an alleged edge enjoyed by Charlotte Rampling in the Best Actress race (“Feinberg’s Rampling Pushback…Yes!“):

“Don’t get on his high horse about Rampling. That would be a huge upset as 45 Years only has a single nomination — hers — and those in Best Picture nominees like Brie Larson or Saoirse Ronan have a much greater advantage historically since it is the entire Academy that votes. I love Rampling and have been one of her biggest champions since Telluride, but with not even a BAFTA or a SAG nomination and a movie that will more than likely be turned off by many voters who watch on DVD and won’t go for the slowness of it all, forget it. Many have voted for Rampling in the BFCA balloting to get nominated and now to win. But she won’t. Room, with its Best Picture, Director, Screenplay noms and now a surging box-office, has all the momentum for Larson. Only Saoirse could upset because of the love for Brooklyn.”