And The Winner Is columnist Scott Feinberg (no relation to Harvey Fierstein) has posted a fairly strong shoot-down of David Poland‘s report that the Weinstein Co. will be promoting Cate Blanchett I’m Not There performance for Best Actress…not! “I can now confirm that Blanchett’s performance will remain under awards consideration for Best Supporting Actress, not Best Actress,” he reported at 6:46 pm east coast time.

“A senior official at The Weinstein Company has made this unmistakably clear,” Feinberg writes. Blanchett “is still supporting as she always has been.”

I haven’t made any calls this afternoon to Weinstein Co., but my guess is that the Weinsteiners floated the Best Actress notion as a trial balloon. They fed it to Poland to see what the chattering class would say, and when the consensus came back that that at least a portion of Academy dullards have been uncharmed and unmoved by I’m Not There and (as I put it this morning) that “a bird in hand is worth two in the bush,” they realized that while the Best Actress field is certainly on the weak side, it’s better to stick with Best Supporting and be next-to-assured that Blanchett will win with this and that critics group and at least be nominated by the Academy.