Fledgling journo with the great Sterling Hayden on the Manhattan (i.e, Plaza Hotel) set of Frank Pierson’s King of the Gypsies, sometime in the fall of ’77 or thereabouts — my very first movie-set interview.

South side of Melrose between Westmount and Westbourne, roughly a week ago.

One of the really glorious things about being relatively young is the vibrant color of your hair. The color of Peter O’Toole’s hair in What’s New, Pussycat was an almost heavenly nut brown, robust and gleaming. The color had all but disappeared by the time I interviewed O’Toole 15 years later (for GQ, about his role in The Stunt Man) at his home in Hampstead Heath.

It’s not so much “dangerously” cute as odiously or corporately cute in a typically calculating, premeditated way…no?