Yesterday Mank director David Fincher was quoted at length about the tragedy of Orson Welles. Money quote: “[His] tragedy lies in the mix between monumental talent and filthy immaturity.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more delicious adjective applied to “immaturity” than “filthy.” It’s one of those terms or phrases that instantly stick to the zeitgeist wall, like “sexy beast”.

I for one am going to store this away on my shelf and use it forthwith, however and whenever appropriate. Example #1: “I’ve had just about enough of your filthy immaturity and I want this to stop right now.” Example #2: “The filthy immaturity exuded by Orson Welles in word and deed over decades should be a lesson to us all…keep that shit stowed.” Example #3: “I’ve dealt with many headstrong prima donnas in my time, but I’ve never before been confronted with such a gross deluge of filthy immaturity…it’s shameful.” Example #4: “Not only is Don Logan a sociopathic monster, but his immaturity is filthy beyond description.”

HE commenter “Steve Brody”: “[This] quote smacks of something that was said in English, translated (or transposed) into French, and then re-transposed into English. If Fincher ever uttered the phrase ‘filthy immaturity,’ I’ll eat my shoe. Filthy immaturity…hilarious! More hilarious that so many people are buying it.”